Introduction to Prompting: How to speak to AI

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Welcome to our exciting new series on prompting! Imagine having a personal assistant who not only helps with everyday tasks but also boosts your productivity at work and in your office. In this series, you’ll discover how to use Large Language Models, like ChatGPT, to do just that. We’re here to show you that AI is far more than just a fancy text generator. Read More

Decoding Generative AI Research Papers: Unveiling The Transformer Model In “Attention Is All You Need”

Welcome to our new article series where we decode the world’s most important research papers on Generative AI using chatbots. We’ll begin our exploration with the influential paper “Attention Is All You Need,” which introduced the groundbreaking Transformer Model. As mentioned in the introductory article (if you missed it check it out here) the goal here is to make the most important research papers on AI less mysterious and more approachable to everyone. And the best part is that throughout this article series, we are using AI to explain itself.


Recently, GPT has helped me choose a couple of interesting research papers on the topic of generative AI. During the research, I found an interesting piece on a groundbreaking development in the field of natural Language Processing: the Transformer Model. The paper introduces the Transformer architecture, which has since become the foundation for many advanced AI models, including GPT itself. And so, this is the first paper in the series of our “Decoding Generative AI Research Papers with Chatbots” to decode. Its impact on the efficiency and capabilities of language models makes it a cornerstone in the evolution of generative AI.Read More

How Can You Leverage GPT-4 in Medicine? A Comprehensive Guide to AI’s Role in Healthcare


As a future medical practitioner and a content creator for the Medical Affairs Department in a large pharmaceutical company I am continually seeking a way to enhance patient care. Recently I became increasingly fascinated by the potential of General Purpose Transformers (GPT).These technologies have applications in the field of medicine and areas critical to pharmaceutical professionals, ranging from Medical Affairs to Market Access. Read More

Playing with Prompts: A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Smarter AI Responses

This article is divided into two sections. The first one is an article itself, the second section is my notes that will be available on GitBook.

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In this article, you’ll learn the art of effective prompting, with an emphasis on doing it ‘well’. I recently completed a course on this subject through Coursera, and I’m excited to share my insights, knowledge, and notes with you. Here is a link to the course.

The course itself didn’t exactly blow my mind—I knew a fair bit already. But it’s an absolute must for anyone starting from square one. It’s like a friend walking you through the nuts and bolts of it all, no info-dumps, just clear, logical steps. Read More

Decoding Generative AI Research Papers with Chatbots

This is the first introductory article in a series of blog posts. In these posts, we will break down some of the world’s most important papers on Generative AI, making them easier to understand.


If you’re interested in learning about AI, you know that one of the best ways to do so is to ask AI to explain itself. In fact, Barron’s recently published an article titled “We Asked Three Chatbots to Explain Generative AI. Here’s the Best Answer.”

While you can certainly ask AI simple questions like “Explain AI in layman’s terms,” and chatbots will do just that, the problem is that they often oversimplify things and leave out important concepts. That’s when we had an idea: “What if we used chatbots like ChatGPT, Claude, Mistral, Gemini, and Grok to help us decode the most prominent research papers on Generative AI?” Read More

ChatGPT Prompts for Instructional Designers – Action Mapping

Action mapping is arguably the most effective method for creating meaningful learning experiences.

“The goal of action mapping is to solve business problems by changing job behavior.”

Cathy Moore

Thanks to action mapping, our team has taken our e-learning offerings to the next level. Being heavily invested in technology and AI, we excessively use various chatbots. For the record, while we utilize publicly available services such as ChatGPT and Google Gemini, we are also exploring enterprise-grade versions. These explorations will be the subject of upcoming blog posts.

Of course, ChatGPT cannot magically create the entire learning experience. However, it proves invaluable in generating ideas, researching e-learning topics, understanding action mapping, and communicating with stakeholders who might not be familiar with it. Read More